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You Won’t Believe The Real Reason Patrik Laine Was Benched

Four games into his fresh start with the Columbus Blue Jackets Patrik Laine found himself somewhere you never want to be and that’s in John Tortorella’s dog house.

Laine was benched for 26 minutes last night as the Blue Jackets defeated the Carolina Hurricanes 3-2. Many people have speculated as to why the star winger was benched so early into his tenure with the team.

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Even Laine’s teammate Cam Atkinson came out and gave his opinion as to why he thought Laine could have been benched.

“If you’re not giving 100% and looking like you’re trying he’s going to sit you. It’s no secret. That goes for everybody, myself included. I’ve been that guy plenty of times.”

But as it turns out, the real reason John Tortorella benched his star player for 26 minutes against the Carolina Hurricanes is because Patrik Laine reportedly ‘mouthed off’ to one of his assistant coaches.

It is not known what Patrik Laine said or exactly who it was directed at but clearly it was serious enough to warrant John Tortorella benching one of his best players for most of the game.

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