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Watch: Ovechkin Spears Bruins Player Where It Hurts

That’ll hurt! Boston Bruins forward Trent Frederic wanted a go at Ovechkin all night, at one point he even dropped the gloves and prepared himself to go while Ovechkin just kind of stood and there asked what the kid was doing.

Lets take a moment to remember what Ovechkin did to another rookie in Andrei Svechnikov. Despite Frederic being one tough customer in his own right, it’s probably a good thing for him that Ovechkin didn’t decide to drop the gloves.

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Svechnikov ovechkin

After the initial exchange, Frederic continued to agitate Ovechkin every chance he got which lead to Ovi spearing the kid right in the nuts. Thank goodness that Frederic was wearing a cup.

This morning it was announced by the NHL Player Safety Department that Alexander Ovechkin was fined a whopping $5,000 for the spear. It looks like both Frederic and Ovechkin got off lucky.


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