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Report: Canucks Captain “Alienated” from his team

Bo Horvat is the captain of the Vancouver Canucks. At least, he currently has the C on his chest, anyway.

Reports are coming out that Bo Horvat has been alienated from the group, isolated by his teammates.

A most recent example is Horvat skipping out on the teams Halloween party, something that his teammates took notice of and weren’t thrilled about.

Now players in the locker room are divided and cliques are forming.

Matthew Sekeres of the Sekeres and price show had this to say about the messy situation:

“What I’ve heard is that there are a lot of frustrated guys in that room and that the young core may well be caught in a leadership vacuum where JT Miller now speaks with credibility because of his season performance…whereas Bo has been somewhat neutered by his lack of production and by aligning with the head coach and general manager that simply haven’t gotten their jobs done.”

He further goes into detail, saying that the rumors swirling about JT Miller being traded are likely about clearing “the leadership decks” to try and bring the team back together under Bo’s leadership.

Remember, though, Horvat is a UFA after the completion of his contract next season.

So, if the Canucks organization decide to go the route of keeping the more productive leader in JT Miller, Horvat could find himself playing elsewhere as early as the trade deadline.

It’s a delicate situation in Vancouver right now, and everything is on the table.

Give it a listen, you aren’t going to want to miss this.

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