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Penguins Could Be Making MAJOR Franchise Changing Decisions

It seems a lot is riding on how this shortened season goes for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Wednesday on his 31 thoughts Podcast, Elliotte friedman asked Newly appointed President of hockey operations for the Pittsburgh Penguins Brian Burke the following question:

“The Pittsburgh penguins are going to play out this season, see how it goes and then make some major decisions that could change the course of the franchise forever. Is that an accurate portrayal or not?”

To which Brian Burke responded with:

“I’d say that’s accurate, I’m astonished to use those words in a sentence to you but I think thats accurate.

Here’s the difference, so two months ago I was asked can the Pittsburgh Penguins win and I said no based on… I diagrammed the team and put it next to the Tampa Bay Lightning, I diagrammed the team and put it next to the Washington Capitals and I’m like no, they are not a Stanley cup contender.

But now you get the job and you’re like wait a second, I had Scott Niedermayer, I had Chris Pronger, I had Pavel Bure, Mark Messier that played for me, I’ve never had a better play than Sidney Crosby.

So all of a sudden now your saying well okay it’s fine on paper but lets find out, lets see what we can do. So I think the thinking is, without divulging what we talked about in the board room is, lets see what this team can do and basically Hexxy (Ron Hextall)  said that today and then we’ll see in the off season.

We’ve got some tough decisions if this team can’t get there let’s see if we can get them there, what additions can we make?”

So there you have it, if the Penguins fail to make the playoffs or fail to make a respectable run, major changes will be made.

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It doesn’t sound like Burke has any plans on moving Crosby based on the way he speaks about him so that likely means major pieces like Kris Letang and or Evgeni Malkin could be on the chopping block.


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