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Paul Maurice Gives Media Piece of His Mind Over Blake Wheeler Criticism

Paul Maurice is not a happy man with the media at the moment, a question at today’s media availability seems to have set the Jets head coach off.

Here is the question that set him off

Paul, clearly it’s a little frustrating taking the questions about Blake and I think he’s probably frustrated as well. I’m wondering if you think he’s earned the right from what he’s proven in his career to avoid criticism or at the very least he’s earned a little bit of buffer from that criticism when it’s perceived he’s not playing his best hockey

To which Paul Maurice responded

I’d just like you to be right about it, you’ll do your deep dive and analytics and god they do a horses**t job telling you what 5 guys do, like the goal that you’re beaking him on last night he got put in a real tough spot by a horses**t backcheck by somebody else right?

I’m sensitive to it because I’ve been in awe of this guy since I got here… His work level, like he’s unimpeachable and his character and how he runs that room and how he plays, he’s got f***ing 11 points in 10 games, yeah his shift lengths shorter because I’m asking the whole hockey team to run their shifts shorter and that’s what he does as the captain he’ll bolt off the ice as fast as he can, to lead.

So, I’m not so much protective of Blake Wheeler I’m more protective of the Winnipeg Jets, like you get a guy in your town that plays that hard and is such a fine fine leader and a fine man lets be real careful if his plus minus number isn’t want you want. He’s prorated out at about 88 points Matt, we’re 10 games in we’re 6-3-1 and your beaking my captain, I’m offended by it.

I’ve got to say, the media member deserved this rant from the Jets coach and Paul does put together some great points about Wheeler being a leader and a great captain who is off to an amazing start of the season.

What do you think about Paul’s response? Drop a comment and let us know.

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