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Olivier Punches Xhekaj While On The Ground

Columbus’ Mathieu Olivier got a cheap shot in Montreal’s Arber Xhekaj after a fight on Thursday night.

After Xhekaj, who has made himself a known pest in the NHL this season, sent Columbus forward Liam Foudy into Montreal’s bench after a big hit, Mathieu Olivier decided to challenge Xhekaj in a fight.

Both players exchanged heavy blows but, ultimately, Xhekaj got the better of the two players, although Olivier fell on top of him.

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But it wasn’t until afterwards when things got interesting.

While Xhekaj is on the ground, Olivier appears to throw a punch targeted for Xhekaj’s face.

Olivier appears to apologize to Xhekaj before the two players are separated and sent to the penalty box. Neither player will face supplementary discipline.


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