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Golden Knights vs Avalanche Outdoor Game Delayed Due To Bad Ice

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Well it was a beautiful sight while it lasted. Unfortunately the 2021 NHL Outdoor Game between the Colorado avalanche and the Vegas Golden Knights will be finished at 9pm local time.

The teams managed to make it through one full period with the Avalanche grabbing a one goal lead.

Unfortunately the ice continued to deteriorate throughout the period and despite their best efforts to fix the ice in an extended intermission the sun which apparently comes out during the day has turned the ice surface to mush causing players and officials to trip all over the place as if they were in a drunken stupor.

It’s unclear why the NHL didn’t plan for this, the sun usually comes out at the same time everyday and we all know that the sun can melt ice.

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Regardless, it was clearly not safe enough to play on for either players or officials and the NHL made the right decision to delay the game.


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