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Gary Bettman could potentially lose his job as commissioner

Could the end of Gary Bettman as the commissioner of the National Hockey League be approaching?

If you look at the sentiment around the league, including that of team owners, it certainly looks like a possibility.

Long time player agent took to twitter today to express not only his disdain for the current sitting commissioner, but others around the league as well:

I’m hearing this morning that several NHL owners are “very concerned and unhappy” with Gary Bettman’s leadership. I think even the owners realize it’s time for a change in the NHL and culture only changes from the top down.

It’s no secret Gary has been losing popularity over the last few years. Recent events have just been the icing on the cake.

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Nothing is for certain, but one thing that is, is that fans, players, agents and owners are all getting tired of Bettman.

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