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Big Changes Could Be Coming To The Nashville Predators

The Nashville Predators are not having a hot start to the season. After just 15 games they currently sit second to last in the Discover Central Division with only the Detroit Red Wings behind them, the same Detroit Red Wings who beat them 4-2 just last game.

It would not be a stretch to say that this year has been a shock to not only fans but management as well, they were such a good team for so long and they still have some amazing players but things are just not clicking anymore. When that starts to happen, big changes usually follow and that’s what is expected to happen.

Here is what Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman had to say about it on his 31 thoughts podcast Monday morning.

Last year I think David Poile looked around on Duchene and Johansen, but they both have a lot of money and term left over, there’s not much there.

They are 6-9 and at 15 games, they had a really ugly one Saturday night against Detroit down 3-0 out shot 24-10 after 2. I think that there could be some changes here, now I think that they kind of wanted to leave it a bit longer just to see if they could get back into the race.

The problem is like what are you moving? they have some pieces that don’t have term that I think could get them, I don’t think they are huge returns but could get them something.

Mikael Granlund is a player who’s only signed for this year I could see some good teams having interest in Mikael Granlund, he can play with good players. You know, Erik Haula, there were a lot of teams interested in Erik Haula at a low price, he’s at 1.75 for a year. Again, he’s not going to get you a huge return but you know he can play with good players.

Nick Cousins is signed for this year and next at 1x 1.5 million I think you can get something for him, not huge but something. You’re kind of looking at that and you’re saying okay, we can do something with those.

The question I wonder is how big do you go, do you go to you know, Viktor Arvidsson? 3 more years at 4.25m and remember this is a league right now that not a lot of people are taking on money, so the issue to me with Arvidsson is not can he play or not play, it’s who’s taking that contract?

It may be a little too late for the Nashville Predators to save their season this year, but perhaps with some major moves they could salvage their team and continue to be competitive into the future. This will be something to keep an eye on, be sure to follow our social media for updates.

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